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Meet Alex Mahgoub

With over 12 years of experience, Alex Mahgoub has been involved in over 300+ residential real estate transactions across New York City. Alex provides clients with guidance, resources, and the support they need to be successful. He is a tenacious partner that’s adept at guiding others through all economic cycles, whether bull or bear. His expertise extends across all neighborhoods and property types including co-op, condo, and townhouse sales, giving him the unique ability to present his clients with specific information as well as accurate, real-time market overviews. 

He brings his breadth of knowledge and scope of experience to every transaction, seeking to deliver exceptional service and results that consistently exceed client expectations. From first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate experts and investors, Alex’s clients are both domestic and foreign-based, a diverse group from top tier technology executives to partners at law firms, and more from financial, media, entertainment, and real estate worlds. 

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Meet Alex Mahgoub

Having completed over 300 residential transactions, Alex is familiar with all aspects of buying, renting, and selling apartments across Manhattan & Brooklyn. His client testimonials are a testament to his ability to perform at the highest level possible for a variety of clientele. His negotiation skills, upbeat energy, diplomacy, and diligence make him a superior asset in any real estate transaction. Alex’s primary intent is always about providing a “wow” experience.

  • Testimonials

    Hiring Alex Mahgoub to handle my property was the smartest decision I could have made. He was fast, flexible, honest, and he produced great results, twice.

    Ander (Condo Seller)
  • Testimonials

    As first-time buyers, we had never experienced the complicated process of buying a home in New York City. Alex made a big difference for us.

    Tim & Alicia (Condo Buyers)
  • Testimonials

    It was great to be able to rely on someone with so much experience and attention to detail. He guided us through the whole process, from the search, to submitting the right bid, to navigating the co-op board.

    Emily & Charlie (Co-Op Buyers)
  • Testimonials

    He oversaw the condo board application process, helped us get a real estate attorney, and sold the apartment for OVER DOUBLE what we paid in 2011! He goes above and beyond.

    Mary (Condo Seller)
  • Testimonials

    On multiple occasions he's gone above and beyond expectations, all while maintaining flawless near-instant communication, even across foreign time zones!

    Jason & Carrie (Co-Op Owners)
  • Testimonials

    As a seller, I could not have asked for a better real estate broker.

    Brian (Condo Seller)